Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Featured photographer of the Month KateBogot Photography

I am so very lucky to work with the most amazing photographers, they are professional, talented, so easy to work with, and I have truly enjoyed every minute I have worked with them. so if you live in the Denver or Colorado Springs area, or the Woodlands Texas, I have photographers that I would recommend to you in a heartbeat.
I also realize that there are fans from all over too, and so I thought it would be fun to feature professional photographers from different areas; its a great way for the photographers to showcase who they are, and perhaps a fan is looking for a photographer and will find one in their area from our "FEATURE"!
I love photography, what it represents, and wanted a way for all of my new professional photographer friends and fans to be featured on my fan page as well as my blog; and our first featured photographer of the month is Kate Bogot of KateBogotphotography who photographs in the Chicago area.
Her photos are just STUNNING, so if you are lucky enough to live in the Chicago area;you better get on her books, but if you don't, do check out her work, as it is definitely worth the look;)

Kate recently purchased the Flourish Allie dress for her beautiful daughter, and I was beyond thrilled when she sent a few shots from a photo shoot she did. This little girl has a style and flair all her own, and it just shines through in all of the photos. I love this entire outfit; Kate, you and your daughter make a fabulous team, thank you for sharing these photos!!!

Here is a little bit more about Kate, make sure you stop and check out her blog at http://katebogot.com/blog/ to see more fabulous photos from her photo shoot, and more of her work.

"My name is Kate Bogot! I am a mom to three adorably crazy kids(one girl, two boys) who keep me on my toes. I am a natural light photographer who serves the Chicagoland area. I am a bit of a caffeine addict and anyone who knows me knows I have to have my Starbucks and McDonalds diet Coke EVERYDAY. My husband thinks it's funny that when I buy a lottery ticket I REALLY believe I am going to win (hasn't happened yet, but I am still hopeful). I love doing craft projects but they never quite turn out as great as the vision I had in my head. I am amazed that my 7 year old daughter has a better wardrobe than me! I think I have one of the best jobs in the world, photographing kids and families!"

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Here at Missie Moosie, I am honored to work with the most amazing group of photographers, and models! They are professional, and truly make my clothing line come to life! We have a great team here at Missie Moosie; and at this time plan on adding 3 new faces to our current team. 2 fresh faces will come from Colorado, and will be photographed by 2 of my current photographers; and so we are looking for that third face to represent Missie Moosie for fall.

Interested moms or dads, who may or may not be a professional photographer, must be able to take TOP QUALITY digital images of their children in a quality setting. If you have a photography business and would love to see your child modeling Missie Moosie Clothing, please apply. In addition, if you want to see your child representing Missie Moosie, and have a friend photographer willing to take photos that fine, as third party photographers are ok. If you aren't a professional photographer, or if you don't have a friend/or know someone able to photograph your child, please know that I will take all submissions, however, please realize that the judging criteria will not only be based on the child(personality, comfort in front of the camera, etc), but also a main part of the criteria will be the quality of photos as well.
The winning model will receive one free outfit for their services(which will be the outfit that they are asked to model), and if the model has a professional photographer taking the photos,their info/website will be featured on my site as one of my photographers (and any marketing tools that would have your photos) with links to your photography site and information about your services.

Applicants will be modeling and taking pictures sometime in mid-late June; I apologize that I don't have a specific date yet, however, I am just starting to plan for fall. I will mail the outfit to be modeled to the model, and; Upon receipt of the outfit, photographs should be taken in a quality location within 3-5 days, and then photos from the photo shoot placed in an online gallery for Missie Moosie to view within one week of receiving the outfit.
Interested applicants please send your submissions to alana@missiemoosie.com, and include your name, your child's name, age and size of clothing that they currently wear. Please also include the state you live in. If you are a professional photographer, please include information about your services including your website/blog. If you will be using a third party photographer, please include their website/blog and have them send me an email stating that they agree to photograph your child in June. Please attach 3 quality, and current pictures of the child you would like to represent Missie Moosie(photographs of the model must be taken in the last 2 months). Deadline for submissision is April 24th, and I will announce the fresh new faces of Missie Moosie on May 1st! Please email me with any questions!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

I am so very excited about our Trunk Show and Model Search event in Colorado Springs. Jamie Smith of jamiesmithphotography.com is one of the amazing photographers that I have teamed up with here at Missie Moosie, and so we have teamed up for this event to offer you a boutique shopping experience in an amazing custom home,as well as the chance for your daughter to be a fresh new face for the Missie Moosie Clothing line. The event will take place at the most amazing custom home, provided by www.taracustom.com. The venue makes for a great place to shop and mingle, and will be the perfect backdrop for a photo shoot!
All Missie Moosie prices will be %10 off retail, all shoppers will be entered into a drawing to win a $75 gift card towards Missie Moosie's fall line; shoppers are automatically entered into the Model search and the free mini photo shoot with Jamie at the event with proof of purchase. This is going to be a fabulous event, that you don't want to miss. See the attached flyer for the venue location; and please check out our facebook event page here, to let us know if you plan on coming

A Busy Month, and exciting events coming up!

YIKES, has it really been almost a month since my last post here??? we have been so busy at Missie Moosie, that the last month has just flown by! WE are closer to 1000 fans on facebook, are continuing to fill orders daily, are busy with the trunk show season, and are filling wholesale orders for boutiques.:)
I am also busy starting to plan for fall, and have some great new pieces planned, and will have some of the "fan favorites" back for fall too, with a little twist or two!

In addition, we have 2 very exciting trunk show/model search events coming up for all of our local, Colorado fans,and then I will have a nationwide model search as well. Missie Moosie is looking for 3 fresh new faces for fall, so be sure to check back to get all the details about each of these events!
Thank you for your continued support!