Saturday, November 7, 2009

The cutest doll beds!!!!!

Well, I have been wavering over the last few days on what my first post should be. You see I am new to the whole blogging thing, writing really is not my forte, I feel much more comfortable in a fabric store or behind a sewing machine; but my sister in law, Kaley, found a super site, and is having these FABULOUS doll bed sets made for my daughter and nieces, and I couldn't resist posting some pics from this great site, seeing as how they are custom made, relate to sewing and are just so incredibly cute! If you have a little girl, this is a great idea for a gift!Here is an example of one of their beds, and here is the link

on another note, I would love to have you subscribe to my blog, or at least check in to see what Missie Moosie is doing;) or if you have great links, or sites, we should read, let me know as well!

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