Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Meet Missie Moosie's Final Photographer for Spring/Summer 2010

We would like for you all to meet our final photographer for our spring/summer 2010 collection, Lisa Hodnet of Lisa Hodnet Photography! Have I mentioned how very lucky I am to work with such amazing talent?? ok, so maybe I have, but again, you will see what I am talking about when you check out Lisa's site:)

I met Lisa for coffee one morning, and would you believe it if I told you she also was the easiest person to talk too, and I felt like I had known her longer than our hour conversation;) She had the most amazing portfolio to share with me, I was truly in awe of her pictures: each picture was unique and different, but she captured exactly what needed to be captured in each and every photo. Lisa is down to earth, funny, professional, and so extremely talented; all of those necessary qualities that you look for when searching for the "right" photographer. I love that she is business minded, and full of so many great ideas, and I cannot wait to see what she comes up with for the photo shoot.I actually get to be at this photo shoot as she will be shooting my daughter; and even doing a couple of professional shots of me, YIKES! Be sure to check out LIsa's site at, as well as her new wedding site, where she is partnering up with Jamie of JamieSmithphotography, Stay tuned to see photos from Lisa's shoot, they are going to be FABULOUS; and here is more about Lisa Hodnet!

~I love my job, but more specifically, I love my bosses!! You know, the ones that speak their mind, that know exactly what they want and when, yet capturing their toddler personality and their smiles and them interacting with their families, this is what really makes my job fun.

After being in business for five years, I finally ‘get it’ now. Good photos happen. AH-MA-ZING photos are choreographed like a complex symphony. There are so many factors that go into taking an AH-MA-ZING photo – more than just a brand new awesome camera. Sure there is the technical aspect that every professional photographer should be able to give you. But there is also that emotional connection in photos. You know that connection that makes you want to reach through the photo and just squeeze that cutie patootie? THAT emotion that overwhelms you to tears, warms your heart, brings back memories. THAT is the piece of art that I am out to create for you. The one that evokes such a huge warm and fuzzy feeling and transposes you back in time with those loved ones in the photo. THAT is the experience and the memory that you will leave Lisa Hodnet Photography with.~

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