Friday, January 8, 2010

Meet Missie Moosie's second photographer for our Spring/Summer 2010 Collection!

We hope that those of you who live in Texas were able to check out Julie of Scarlett Photography:)
Now we would like for you to meet Charlotte Bundgaard and Kim Harms of Trystan Photography. I am so thrilled to be able to work with such amazing talent and I truly cannot wait to see what Charlotte and Kim come up with for their photo shoot!
Trystan Photography's photos truly speak for themselves, and I cannot say enough about them! Trust me when I say you will spend hours looking at the pictures on their site:) THe photos might even convince you to get married again, just so you can have fabulous, and "those talked about" photos!
So....If you live in Denver or Colorado Springs, Colorado, (or even if you don't, as they do travel:)), be sure to check out Trystan Photography. Charlotte is one of those special photographers; those that you can tell have that special gift. SHe is sweet, down to earth, and so fun! You will feel like you have always known her when she shows up to shoot your photos, and their photos will not disappoint! I am amazed every time Trystan Photography posts a new photo shoot on their blog or on facebook! Please check out their site:) Here is a little bit more about Charlotte.

~~Kids will be kids.

They are goofy. They are stubborn and sometimes cranky. They are serious. They are happy and bubbly. They are shy and sometimes they drool. And sometimes they are all of these things in a 2 minute span, especially when a camera is in front of their face!

In 10 years of shooting portraits, I have found that one of my best assets as a photographer is creating and forever capturing those split seconds of perfect personality that whiz by and then fade with time. My husband and I started Trystan Photography 6 years ago because we both had a passion for creating art and documenting moments in people's lives.

Trystan Photography specializes in all areas of your ever changing life including Wedding, Boudoir, Maternity, Newborn, Birth, Children, Senior and Family photography. We currently have studios in Colorado Springs and Denver Colorado and are available for travel.

I am honored and blessed to have this amazing job and I look forward to photographing familiar faces and new faces in the years to come!

Your Life. Our Art. Forever


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